Communication and Information Technologies is a section of the American Sociological Association

CITASA is opening a new and exciting chapter in its history. We've broadened our mission from our earlier focus on "Sociology of Computers" to our current emphasis on the communication and information technologies that are transforming our world. CIT includes everyone from senior scholars who have written the seminal works in this field to graduate students who are creating the knowledge that will change it.

CITASA supports research, teaching and other professional activities related to:

The social aspects of computing, the Internet, new media, computer networks, and other communication and information technologies. This includes online communities, knowledge management, the digital divide, labor markets, workplaces, and how the Internet fits into everyday life.

The design and use of technology. This includes developing and analyzing new kinds of software, and thinking about the implementation of technologies for teaching, research, and the real world.

Welcome, and please join us!

Jim Witte Clemson University CITASA Chair, 2005-2007