CITASA membership drive

Wednesday, August 31 2005 @ 06:01 PM EDT

Contributed by: jwitte

Help CITASA grow and reach our goal of 300 members by September 30, 2005

Since April we have grown the section from 216 members to 282 members. About 60% of the new members have been students taking advantage of our free student memberships. This is great progress but we are still short of our goal of 300 members. This goal is not merely symbolic but with 300 members we earn ourselves an extra session. This means more visibility for the issues we feel are important and more chances to present our work. If we really knock ourselves out and get to 400 (by September 30, 2005) we would have 3 sessions at the 2006 ASA meetings. If you are not a member -- join now, if you are get someone else to join. It's very easy:

1) Regular and low income members of ASA -- go to: for only $10 you are a member. I'll send one of our signature yellow section T-shirts to the next 8 people who join this way (why 8? because that's how many T-shirts I had to bring back to South Carolina from Philly.

2) Student members of ASA -- email me directly ( with your university affiliation and ASA membership number and I will provide you with a free student membership (remember you must first have an ASA student membership).

At least hitting 300 should be no problem.

Circulate this email to your colleagues -- particularly if you know that they have a research or teaching interest related to communication and information technology.