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CITASA was founded in January 1989 as the ASA Section on “Microcomputing.” At that time the section primarily provided a networking mechanism for Sociologists interested in using and developing computer software for research and teaching. A 1995 section name change to “Sociology and Computers” reflects a shifting orientation in the field. While technology has long been a site of social analysis and theorizing for Sociologists, in 1995 the social aspects of computing, and more specifically the Internet, were of growing interest to social scientists. In 2002 the membership affirmed the current name, the Section on Communication and Information Technologies. CITASA reflects the broad social interests of our field of inquiry and teaching, while retaining early roots in the design and use of information technologies for research and teaching. 

A detailed history of CITASA and the social study of information and communication technology can be found in a series of articles written by past CITASA chairpersons and published in the summmer 2006 issue of Social Science Computer Review.