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Worlds of Work: Communication and Information Technologies


Pre-Conference Photo Album

 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Thursday, July 31, 2008


8:00-8:45      Continental Breakfast

8:45- 9:00     Introduction


9:00-10:00    Keynote and Recipient of the Microsoft CITASA Port 25 Award
                     "Researching Free/Libre Open Source Software Communities"
                      Dr.YuWei Lin
                      University of Manchester, UK

10:00-10:30  Coffee Break

10:30-12:30  Graduate Students and Mentors Break Out I (Abstracts)

                     Session 1 : Knowledge Technology and Work
                     Mentor Panel: Paul DiMaggio, Jane Fountain & Wanda Orlikowski

                     "When Code Meets Place: Collaboration and Innovation at WiFi Hotspots"

                      Laura Forlano, Communications, Columbia University

                     "Can Knowledge in a Knowledge Production Workplace be Measured Quantitatively?"
                      Peter Timusk, Systems Sciences Masters Program, University of Ottawa

                     "Managing Customer Relationships During Telephone Sales
                      in the Context of the Global Distribution of Work Between an Offshored and a French Call Center"
                      Karine Lan Hing Ting
, École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications

                      "Social Construction of the Internet Structure:
                      Comparative Study on Notebook Retailers between
United States and South Korea"
                      Ho Young Yoon, Department of Sociology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

                     Session 2 : Isolation, Interaction and Space in New Technology-Mediated Communication
                     Mentor Panel:  William Bainbridge, Gustavo Mesch & Barry Wellman

                     "When the Unexpected Occurs: Implications of Context for Copresence and Emotion
                      in Technology-Mediated Communication"
                      Celeste Campos and Donna Lancianese, Department of Sociology, University of Iowa

                     "Warcrack: Examination of Social Isolation Constructs in
                      Players of Massively Multiplayer OnlineRole Playing Games"
                      Steven Dashiell, Applied Sociology, University of Maryland Baltimore County

                     "Behind an Open Source Project: Combining On- and Off-line Ethnographic Methods"
                      Yuri Takhteyev
, School of Information, UC Berkeley

                     "Expressing Territoriality in Social Systems"
                      Jennifer Thom-Santelli, Department of Communication, Cornell University

                     Session 3 : Open Source Software and User Generated Content
                     Mentor Panel: YuWei Lin, Andrea Tapia & Hiroshi Ono

                     "Integrating usability activities into an open source project hosting website: the case of CodePlex"
                      Paula Bach, Penn State University

                     "The Social Organization of Free Software Production"
                      Alexander Jerneck, University of Pennsylvania

                     "User-Generated Content and Beyond:
                      Unpaid Labor, Fandom Community Relations and the Future of Media Production"
                      Sue Regonini, Applied Anthropology, University of South Florida

                     "Theorizing the Knowledge-Based Economy Beyond Polanyi:
                       Lessons from IBM's Pragmatic Embrace of Free and Open Source Software"
                       Aaron Shaw, Sociology, UC Berkeley


12:30- 1:30   Lunch and Presentation
                     "Sociological Tools for Exploring Computer-Mediated Collective Action "
                      Dr. Marc Smith, Senior Research Sociologist
                      Microsoft Research

1:30-1:45      Break

1:45-3:15      Thematic Session: Work and Information Technology   (Abstracts)
                     "Making the Game work? Lessons from Ethnographies of SingStar"
                     Gordon Fletcher and Ben Light, Salford Business School

                     "Distributed Teams, Change Management, and the Standardization of Work at Outsourcing Companies"
                     Jacqueline Zalewski, West Chester University
                    "Incorporating Social Context and User-Centered Design in Creation of an Animated Work Environment"
                     Dr. James Witte, Clemson University
 3:15-3:45    Coffee Break

3:45-5:15     Graduate Students and Mentors Break Out II (Abstracts)               

Session 4 : Organization and Design of Online Knowledge Communities
                    Mentor Panel: Jane Fountain, Wanda Orlikowski & Barry Wellman


                    "Community Innovativeness: A New Perspective on Knowledge Creation"
                     Benjamin Addom, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University

                    "Design Attributes of Wired Residential Communities for Teleworkers"
                     Tooran Alizadeh, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney

                    "Online Recruiting: Where Career, Community and Social Network Research Meet"
                     Elfi Ettinger, Department of Information Systems & Change Management, University of Twente

                    Session 5 : Online Public Discourse
                    Mentors: William Bainbridge, Paul DiMaggio & Gustavo Mesch

                   "Consider the Relationship: The Role of Internet Based Technologies in Health Information Seeking"
                    Kristen Berg, University of Toronto

                   "Elections or Selections? Blogging the Nigerian 2007 General Elections"
                    Presley Ifukor, University of Osnabrueck

                   "The Iraq War Debate on Usenet'
                    Alex Jenkins, Drexel University


 5:15-5:30      Closing Remarks


William Brainbridge, National Science Foundation
Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University
Jane Fountain, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Yu-Wei Lin, University of Manchester, UK
Gustavo Mesch, University of Haifa
Hiroshi Ono, Texas A&M University
Wanda Orlikowski, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrea Hoplight Tapia, Penn State University
Barry Wellman, University of Toronto
James Witte, Clemson University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sidney-Pacific Graduate Community Building
70 Pacific Street Cambridge, MA 02139


Sarah Gatson, Texas A&M University
Keith N. Hampton, University of Pennsylvania
Yuri Takhteyev, University of California Berkeley
Andrea Tapia, Penn State
Mary Virnoche, Humboldt State University
Jim Witte, Clemson University

The ASA Communication and Information Technologies Pre-Conference and Graduate Student Workshop is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft.

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