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Jerome Krase
Murray Koppelman and Emeritus Professor
Brooklyn College City University of New York

563 Ninth Street
563 Ninth Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11215, USA
Phone: 718 499 7117
Fax: (718) 951-4639


  • Visual Sociology
  • Community
  • Ethnicity
  • Urban
  • Intergroup
  • Semiotics
    Jerome Krase currently holds the titles of Murray Koppelman Professor, and Professor Emeritus, at Brooklyn College of The City University of New York. After an interruption for military service (1963-66) he received a Baccalaureate of Arts in Sociology at Indiana University (1967). His New York University doctoral dissertation "The Presentation of Community in Urban Society" (1973) dealt with the problems and prospects of maintaining the viability of minority and racially integrated urban neighborhoods. Subsequently he worked as an activist-scholar in the field of community organizations, publishing articles and presenting papers while deeply involved in the neighborhood organization movements. He has served as a consultant to public and private agencies regarding inter-group relations and other urban community issues. During the last two decades his interests have expanded into visual, mainly photographic, studies of ethnic and other varieties of urban neighborhood communities. He has written and photographed widely on urban life and culture and has lectured and conducted research on "Spatial Semiotics" in the US and abroad, most recently at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Perth, Australia. Representative published works include Self and Community in the City (1982), Ethnicity and Machine Politics (1992) with Charles LaCerra, and with Judith N. DeSena, Italian Americans in a Multicultural Society (1994), and the forthcoming Ethnic Communities in New York City with Ray Hutchinson. He has exhibited his photographic studies at many electronic and geographic sites and, with Timothy Shortell, has developed an on-line archive for visual and textual research, and teaching resources at www/ He is an active member in the American Sociological Association, American Italian Historical Association, the International Visual Sociology Association, and the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America

                          a Section of the American Sociological Association