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Joel Smith
Professor Emeritus
Department of Sociology
Duke University

Box 90088
Duke University
Durham, NC, 27708-0088, USA
Phone: (919) 660-5628
Fax: (919) 660-5623


  • mass commnication
  • political sociology
  • urban sociology
  • methodology
    2/27/01 CURRICULUM VITAE JOEL SMITH Office: Department of Sociology Box 90088 Duke University Durham, NC 27708-0088 919-660-5628 (phone), 919-660-5623 (fax) E-mail: Home: 4 Stoneridge Circle Durham, North Carolina 27705 (919) 489-7971 (phone), 919-493-0037 (fax) E-mail: Date of Birth: December 7, 1925 SS Number: 098-14-2000 Education: Ph.D. Northwestern University, June, 1954 M.A. Columbia University, June, 1950 B.A. Queens College, Flushing, N.Y., June, 1945 Professional Positions Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, Duke University, 1997- Visiting Professor, Department of Sociology, McGill University, Fall, 1994 Professor, Department of Sociology, Duke University, 1967-97 Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology, Duke University, 1967-1971; 1974-1976; 1981-1988 Senior Fellow, Center for Demographic Studies, Duke University, 1986- Member, Canadian Studies Program, 1973- ; Center for International Studies, 1973- ; Comparative Area Studies, 1984- ; Film and Video Program, 1985- ; Duke University Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Duke University, 1958-1967 Visiting Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Geneva, 1972-1973 Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Michigan State University, 1955-1958; Instructor, 1951-1955 Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, Northwestern University, 1949- 1951 Research Assistant, Bureau of Applied Social Research, Columbia University, 1947-1949 Research Assistant, American Jewish Committee, 1947 Field Supervisor, Research Company of America; Field Survey Group, 1945-1946 Teaching Specialties Sociology of Mass Communication Research Methodology Human Ecology Urban Sociology Political Sociology Canadian Society Comparative Analysis Recent University Activities Member, Advisory Committee, Canadian Studies and North American Studies Programs, 1993- Member, Duke University Medical Center Institutional Review Boards 1, 2, and 3, 1993- Chair, Ad Hoc Committee to Review Duke University Cultural Diversity Program, 1991-2 Member, Supervisory Committee on African and African-American Studies Program, 1991-6 Member, Faculty Commons Committee, 1989-92, Chair, 1991-2 Chair, Provost''s Committee to Review the Dean of the Graduate School, 1989-90 Member, Provost''s Advisory Committee on Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure, 1989-92 Member, University Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid, 1989-92 Chair, Subcommittee on Social Sciences of Ad Hoc Committee II of the Provost''s Planning and Priorities Committee, 1987-88 Member, Undergraduate Judicial Board, 1986-88 Chair, Center for International Studies, Visiting Professors Committee, 1985-86 Member, Center for International Studies Advisory Committee, 1985-86 Member, Dean''s Committee on Film and Video Program, 1985-86 Member, University Committee on Use of Human Subjects in Non-Medical Research, 1985-88; Chair, 1986-88 Member, University Research Council, 1984-88 Chair, Center for International Studies Travel Committee, 1984-1985 Member, University Commencement Committee, 1984-1985 Member, Canadian Studies Advisory Committee, 1981-93 Member, University Planning Committee, 1980-1983 Member, University Faculty Council of Arts and Sciences, 1980-1982 Member, Executive Committee of the Graduate School, 1980-1982 Additional Professional Activities Chair, Committee on the Status of Women, southern Sociological Society, 2001- Member, Peer Review Panel for Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking Research Program, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1998- Chair, Committee on Honors, Southern Sociological Society; 1996-1999 Member, Political Sociology Working Group for General Social Survey, 1986 Member, Durham Planning and Zoning Commission, 1980-1983 Committee on Professional Standards and Training, American Sociological Association, 1970-1973; Chair, 1971-1972 Member, Executive Committee, Southern Sociological Society, 1970-1972; 1989-94 Consultant, Dean of Arts and Science, University of South Carolina President-Elect, Southern Sociological Society, 1989-90; President, 1990-91 Member, National Science Foundation Panel on Undergraduate Scientific Equipment Member, Metropolitanization Committee, Southern Regional Demographic Group Key Census Tract Person, Lansing, Michigan, SMSA, 1956-1958; Durham, 1958-1997 Member, Sub-Committee on Marketing on North Central Committee Rural Sociology Methodological Consultant, Interstate Managerial Survey on North Central Committee on Agricultural Economics Consultant: North Carolina Fund; Durham Community Planning Council; Michigan State Department of Mental Health; Michigan Bell Telephone Co. Editorial Boards: Comparative Legislative Studies Publication Series, Sage; Sociological Inquiry; Journal of Politics; Social Forces; Contemporary Sociology; American Sociologist Member, Graduate Program Evaluation Teams, Council of Graduate Schools (Marquette, Tulsa, Notre Dame) Session Organizer and participant at numerous meetings of the American Sociological Association, Ohio Valley Sociological Society, Southern Sociological Society, Eastern Sociological Society, Michigan Sociological Society, Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association, American Political Science Association, Rural Sociological Society, American Society for Public Administration, Population Association of America, Southern Regional Demographic Group, American Farm Economics Association, etc. Invited conference participation and colloquium speaker on numerous occasions. Referee for professional journals: American Sociological Review; American Journal of Sociology; Social Forces; Demography; Social Science Quarterly; Sociology and Social Research; Journal of Political and Military Sociology; Rural Sociology; and numerous others. Referee for Publishers: Prentice-Hall, W. C. Brown, Wadsworth, Duke University Press Professional Organizations American Sociological Association Sociological Research Association Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association Population Association of America Southern Sociological Society North Carolina Sociological Society International Union for the Scientific Study of Population Southern Regional Demographic Group Association for Canadian Studies in the United States PUBLICATIONS Books and Monographs Joel Smith 1955 An Analysis of Selected Characteristics of the Population of Lansing''s Census Tracts. East Lansing: Social Research Service, Michigan State University. 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Impact of Annexation of Components and Extent of Urban Populations. Duke University Research Council, 7/1/76-6/30/77, $450 (Principal Investigator). The Suburbanization of Metropolitan Populations. Duke University Biomedical Research Support Grant, 7/2/75-5/30/78, $900 (Principal Investigator). Comparative Legislative Studies Program. Agency for International Development, csd-3295, 7/1/71-6/30/78, $500,000 (Co-Director). Political Socialization of Non-Party Groups in Canada. Canada Council 68- 0434, 5/28/68-8/31/71, $104,200 (Co-Investigator). A Proposal for the Collection of Data on Legislative Elite Recruitment in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Commonwealth Studies Program of Duke University, 4/1/67-6/30/69, $9,000 (Co-Investigator). A Comparative Study of Political Socialization and Recruitment of Party Activists in the United States and Canada. National Science Foundation GS-1134, 7/1/66-6/30/71, $106,100 (Co-Principal Investigator). 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