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James Witte, Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Clemson University. PI of the NSF-funded Animated Work Environment Project (

ANIMATED ARCHITECTURE, an architecture that behaves more like living things, more like us, strives to accommodate the dynamic and wide-ranging desires and concerns associated with the built and natural environments – accessibility, consumption, flexibility and production – for clients and territories often overlooked by architects and designers. While people generally regard architecture as a static form, ANIMATED ARCHITECTURE is envisioned as a living system: a dynamic and vital organ filled with and surrounded by people and things in motion. The key to an ANIMATED ARCHITECTURE is that it draws from the vital traits of living things that surround it and occupy it: the capacity to grow, adapt, metabolize, evolve, breathe, mutate, camouflage, reproduce....

The ANIMATED ARCHITECTURE LAB (AAL) of Clemson University is the cross-disciplinary research and instructional body founded and directed by Architecture Professor Keith Evan Green. The AAL focuses its efforts on two associated subjects: [1] ANIMATED ENVIRONMENTS, in which the physical environment is enhanced by way of embedded and responsive information technologies; and [2] biologically-inspired ANIMATED MATERIALS, which aim to be sustainable, smart and cost-effective.

Faculty and graduate students from Architecture, Materials Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Robotics, and the Social Sciences are essential participants in the pursuits of the AAL. ANIMATED ARCHITECTURE promises to cultivate a productive equilibrium of people, nature and artifice.