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2005 CITASA call for papers
Hi everyone:

Here is the call for papers announcement for next year’s (2005) CIT session, entitled:

“Hansel’s Pebbles: Theory as Wayfinding in Communication and Information Technology Research”

This is an open session. It will highlight the importance of sociological theory in exemplary, path-breaking scholarship on communication and information technology, especially focusing on general-level social theories or theories from other substantive areas of sociological research. Papers that 1) demonstrate the importance of a strong theoretical agenda in defining a research problem and/or 2) provide rich, high-level theoretical insights of interest and importance to the discipline in general are very welcome.

Like the fairy tale hero’s pebbles (not the makeshift breadcrumbs that get him into trouble later on) this session will explore the following proposition: a clever and robust use of theory not only provides the conditions for autonomy, leadership, and emotional comfort during our journeys into the forest of CIT behaviors, but it also leads us out again, providing a triumphant and sometimes surprising return to our disciplinary home.

Please send submissions to the ASA by January 15, 2005 following the ASA online submission process.

My contact info, should you need it:

Christena Nippert-Eng
Dept. of Social Sciences
Illinois Institute of Technology
3301 S. Dearborn
Siegel Hall, Suite 116
Chicago, IL 60616

312-567-6812 (office)
312-567-8612 (fax)
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