CITASA Wiki Online

Wednesday, August 02 2006 @ 02:31 AM EDT

Contributed by: cguirl

The CITASA Wiki is now online and has a great deal of content related to MC 2.0, which was sponsored by Microsoft's Open Source Software Lab and included participants from Microsoft Research's Community Technologies Team . The CITASA Wike is hosted by The Clemson Linux User Group.

If you have a valid user ID on, you can already log in to the wiki. Your username and password for the wiki are the same as your username and password on this site. If you have any trouble logging in please let me know.

Our wiki is running the same software as Wikipedia, so if you're already familiar with the syntax, you can go ahead and start adding content yourself. If you're not familiar with the syntax, consult this User Guide, or just click "edit" on an existing page to see an example.

Not sure what to start writing? You can always work on your User page. Just click on your name near the top-right hand corner of the site after you log in. You can look at my page for an example.