SAVE THE DATE: Montreal, August 10, 2006

Tuesday, May 23 2006 @ 11:37 AM EDT

Contributed by: jwitte

For many of us some of the most productive conference experiences happen at roundtables. The roundtable format offers a degree of collaboration, openness and spontaneity that other formats often lack. As productive as these exchanges can be, this format also has a significant drawback. The collective intelligence of such sessions is ephemeral, located in the handwritten notes, remembered comments and flashes of insight of a limited number of participants.

CITASA MC 2.0 will be an experiment to see if online collaborative technology (most likely a site combining features of a forum and a Wiki) affords a means to preserve the strengths of a roundtable format, while at the same time providing a measure of permanence and record.

As with a traditional roundtable, CITASA MC 2.0 will be based on a physical center of participation. This site will be in or near one of the ASA meeting hotels in Montreal. Adequate wireless service will be available for all on-site participants. In addition, off-site participation will also be encouraged. The CITASA MC 2.0 Roundtable site will be available July 1, 2006 for participants to post papers or other materials in advance.

Tentative Schedule
8-10 Introduction to the technology
10-12 RT session #1 Social implications of ubiquitous computing
12-2 RT session #2 Online social networks
2-4 RT session #3 Online health resources
4-6 Evaluating the online RT experience : Discussion and reception

Further details will follow soon. We are currently looking for ideas, suggestions and volunteers to aid in CITASA MC 2.0, particularly CITASA members willing to assist with local logistics or serve as moderators for sessions. If you are interested and can help send email:

Sponsorship – Clemson University and Microsoft Research will cover costs associated with the Wiki technology infrastructure – setup and support during the CITASA MC 2.0. We are currently seeking sponsors for the individual sessions to defray additional costs. There will be no registration fee for participants.