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Paper Session. Sociology of Communications and IT
Mon, Aug 4 - 8:30am - 10:10am, Building: Hilton Boston Back Bay
Organizer: Keith N. Hampton - University of Pennsylvania

A Typology of Social Networking Site Users: From Samplers to Connoisseurs
Eszter Hargittai - Northwestern University

Finding Social Roles in Wikipedia
Howard T. Welser - Ohio University, Gueorgi Kossinets - Cornell University, Marc A. Smith - Microsoft Research, Dan Cosley - Cornell University

Teen Adoption of MySpace and IM: Inner-City versus Suburban Differences
Shanyang Zhao - Temple University

Who's Watching Whom? A Fieldstudy of Interactive Technology & Surveillance
Lee Humphreys - Cornell University

James Bond, Peter Pan, and "A Sticky Night of Love": Irony and Masculinities in Amateur Animated Videos
Lori Kendall - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Paper Session. Communication and Society
Mon, Aug 4 - 10:30am - 12:10pm, Building: Hilton Boston Back Bay
Organizer: Keith N. Hampton - University of Pennsylvania

A Longitudinal Study on Internet Connectivity and Participation Hypothesis on Community Participation and Attachment
Gustavo S. Mesch - University of Haifa

Does Distance Matter in the Age of the Internet: Are Cities Losing Their Comparative Advantage?
Diana Mok - University of Western Ontario, Barry Wellman - University of Toronto, Juan-Antonio Carrasco - University of Concepcion, Chile

Social networks, social capital, and IT use in communities: community groups in Manchester, England
Kate Williams - University of Illinois
Internet Use and Collective Efficacy in Disadvantaged Communities: A Naturalistic Experiment
Keith N. Hampton - University of Pennsylvania


Mon, Aug 4 - 12:30pm - 1:30pm, Building: Hilton Boston Back Bay
Organizer: Lee Humphreys - Cornell University

Table 01: Online Communities and Networks

Net, Jet, and All That: Spinning Glocalized Networks in Chinese Canadian Businesses
Wenhong Chen - Duke University, Barry Wellman - University of Toronto

The Secrets of Access: Which social roles are Read Magnets in Usenet newsgroups?
Marc A. Smith - Microsoft Research, Eric Gleave - University of Washington, Tammara Combs Turner - Microsoft Research

Category Spanning: Status Transfer across Categorical Boundaries in an Online Marketplace for Services
Ming De Leung - Stanford University

Table 02: International News & Technology Policy

"Elections" or "Selections" ? Blogging the Nigerian 2007 General Elections
Presley Ifukor - University of Osnabrueck

ICTs for Gender and Development in Africa: A Postcolonial Analysis
Christobel Asiedu - Louisiana Tech University

Software Politics: Digital Inclusion and Alternatives to Neoliberalism in Brazil
Sara Schoonmaker - University of Redlands

Networks of Practice as Heterogeneous Actor-Networks
Yuri Takhteyev - University of California-Berkeley

Solidarity Trumps Catastrophe? An Empirical and Theoretical Analysis of Post-Tsunami Media in Two Western Nations
John Barnshaw - University of Delaware, Lynn Ann Letukas - University of Delaware, Anna Oloffson - Mid Sweden University

Table 03: Exploring Internet Us

Internet Use and Gender, Race and Class: The Digital Divide in the Era of Youtube and Facebook
Zeynep Tufekci - University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Shelia R. Cotten - University of Alabama at Birmingham, Elizabeth Flow-Delwiche - University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Ethnic Differences in the Digital Divide: The role of Religiosity and Attitudes to Technology
Gustavo S. Mesch - University of Haifa

Leveling the Playing Field: Activists' Differential Use of the Internet and the Implications for Social Movements
Deana Rohlinger - Florida State University, Jordan Brown - Florida State University, Lisa Munson Weinberg - Florida State University

The Rhetorical Construction of Community in an Online Activist Organization
Marc A. Eaton - University of Colorado

Table 04: Media, Identity, & Social Interaction

Nonymous Identity Construction on Facebook
Shanyang Zhao - Temple University, Sherri L. Grasmuck - Temple University, Jason Martin - Temple University

Internet as experience technology or social technology?
Meng-Hao Li - YuanZe University, Shu-Fen Tseng - Yuan-Ze University

Mind, Memory and Identity: Technology Advertising and the Technological Project of Self
Johanna Pabst - Boston College

Big Days: Web posters use of celebratory and holiday images
Keith R. Johnson - Oakton Community College

Search and the City: Understanding the Use of WiFi Networks
Laura Forlano - Columbia University

Table 05: Gender & Health in Media

Young Men who Have Sex with Men’s Use and Perceptions of the Internet for Sexual Information and Partners
Katrina Kubicek - Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Bryce McDavitt - Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Julie Carpineto - Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, George Weiss - Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Michele D. Kipke - Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Coping in Pink: Representations of Breast Cancer Support and Survivorship in Women's Magazines
Gayle A. Sulik - Texas Woman's University, Amber Elizabeth Deane - Texas State University

A Baby Story as a Source of Information about Childbirth: The Messages and Their Implications
Alicia J. VandeVusse - University of Chicago

Real Girls Don't: What everybody knows about gender-swapping in MMOGs and erasing virtual gender deviance
E. Cabell Hankinson Gathman - University of Wisconsin-Madison